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Can you share your Blackpool seaside memories with us?

Every year millions of people holiday in Blackpool and leave with stories to tell. We are looking for these stories. The kind of memories that you never forget.

Splatted by a seagull, shivering in the sea or falling off a donkey. Meeting the love of your life or promenading down the pier. We want to hear all about it!

These seaside stories may be selected to be used within our displays, so only share your memory if you are happy with us sharing it with the world. You could be a part of telling the story of the great British seaside.

It is especially important for us to include memories from as diverse a community as possible. So if you feel like stories from people like you don't usually get heard then this is your chance. Real stories from real people.

Depending on the number of submissions we may not be able to use them all but we will still have fun hearing them!

We do collect your name and contact details so we can talk to you more about your memory if needed but for that purpose only.

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Here are some prompts to help re-tell those memories...

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