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Terms & Conditions

Copyright and terms of use

Content on the Showtown and History Centre website is published for your enjoyment. You may freely access and store the majority of this content for personal or private use when following the terms of use set out below.

Copyright status of website content

The images we reproduce on our website ( and on our social media accounts are either: 1) our own images, 2) reproduced with permission of the copyright holders, or 3) reproduced under the orphan work scheme.

Your intellectual property rights

Blackpool Heritage and Museum Trust makes reasonable efforts to protect its own intellectual property rights and the rights of others. If you believe that the use of content (including images, editorial or descriptive text, footage or any other media) found on the website infringes yours or someone else's rights, please contact us using this online form filling in all boxes or email with as much information as possible.

This Copyright Statement does not obligate Blackpool Heritage and Museum Trust to respond to all complaints or other correspondence received about alleged unauthorised use of third party rights. However, Blackpool Heritage and Museum Trust will respond to and take any action it considers necessary in respect of all genuine and evidenced complaints or other correspondence received about all such alleged unauthorised use of third party rights.

What content you can use from this website and how

We encourage and support the non-commercial use of images and content on our website for your personal enjoyment, teaching in an educational establishment or private use. For all uses, a sufficient acknowledgement must be made to the copyright holder of the work. To help you decide if your purpose for downloading is non-commercial, here are some suggested uses we classify as non-commercial:

  • Personal use of Content for non-commercial research and private study.
  • Educational use of Content for the purpose of teaching and instruction or by a student in course related work within an educational establishment.
  • Delivery of public talk where money is not exchanged for the delivery of the event.
  • Academic e-publications, online journals, non-commercial websites and blogs: use of Content is permitted up to 5 years from first day of publication.
  • Charities and non-profit organisations: one-time use of Content in print or electronic formats up to 500 print copies or 5 years online use.
  • Downloading Blackpool Council owned copyright audiovisual Content for non-commercial offline listening or viewing.
  • Embedding links to Blackpool Council audiovisual Content for non-commercial use, providing no Third Party Content rights are infringed.

In any of the above, the amount of Blackpool Council content used must not exceed 25% of the total content used in your publication or project.

Images for use in exhibitions, displays and catalogues are subject to our commercial conditions (see section 4).

All images must be credited as follows: © Blackpool Council.

To download a low resolution image, right click the image and select 'Save Picture as/ copy image' from the pop-up menu. You will then be able to save the image onto your PC or mobile device.

Crediting and use of Showtown and Showtown History Centre logo

For any Blackpool Council Owned Content, the following copyright credit line must be used, unless otherwise stated: © Blackpool Council

The History Centre and Showtown brand (including the Showtown and History Centre logo) may not be used to suggest any endorsement or approval by Showtown or Showtown History Centre of your use of Content.

Using content from the Showtown & History Centre website for commercial use

If you wish to use Content for any other purpose (i.e. for a use that is commercial or for a use not covered), please contact the History Centre Team:

Please note we charge for our commercial services. All money raised goes back into the care and preservation of the collections. Fees will apply for any commercial use of Content, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Content for use in publications with a print run of over 500 copies
  • Content for broadcast, commercial website and digital use
  • Content for use on book jackets, book covers and website home pages
  • Content for use in exhibition displays or catalogues
  • Content for use on any commercial products or packaging
  • Content for use in advertising, marketing and promotion
  • New photography of objects, digitisation or re-scans of existing photography

To make sure your order is managed efficiently, please provide the following information when contacting the History Centre for print, electronic or audio-visual material using the online form:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher/Producer/Broadcast
  • Date of publication/release
  • Print run/number of units
  • Image size e.g. ¼ page, full screen
  • Language
  • Territorial distribution
  • Where will the image feature? (e.g. front cover, inside)
  • Digital rights. Please supply format details and the licensing period required.

Nothing in these terms restricts your right to use Content where the use is covered by a copyright exception under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. It is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the copyright exceptions before using in-copyright Content.

For further information please refer to the UK Intellectual Property website.

​Your contact details

  • Nature of the complaint
  • Collections ref number (where applicable)
  • The full web address of where you found the material
  • Proof that you are the rights holder

Copyright infringement notification form