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The more we know the richer we are

We collect, preserve and share Blackpool's collections. Working with our schools, communities and volunteers we seek to illuminate Blackpool's history. In our research section you can read more about Blackpool, delving deeper into the history and discover more stories from the themes that will feature in Showtown.


Discover more about Blackpool's growth into a seaside resort and the many developments Blackpool has seen over the years.


Blackpool inspired so many magicians over the years but many of these stories have gone untold. Here we begin to unravel those significant links between Blackpool and the world of magic.


Discover more about the circus community and those people of significance who have made Blackpool Tower Circus the longest running circus in the UK.


Where did it all begin for the world famous Blackpool Illuminations?


Only the best of the best performed in Blackpool. Discover more about many legendary performers who made their name in the resort.


Discover more about Blackpool's dance heritage and its international reputation as the dance capital of the world.

More Blackpool stories

An opportunity to delve a little deeper into Blackpool. Explore some of the fascinating research articles and untold stories of our town.

Stories from the community

More fascinating stories of Blackpool, researched by our volunteers and other members of the community, that all add to the town's rich heritage.