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Black and white photograph of Clown, Charlie Cairoli leaning into the audience.

One of the most brilliant ways that you can support Showtown is to leave a gift in your will.

If you’ve loved Blackpool, made your career in entertainment here or just enjoyed all that the bright lights of Blackpool has had to offer over the years, then you can leave a gift in your will to support our work.

We are the Blackpool Heritage and Museum Trust and we promise to continue to celebrate Blackpool, look after our heritage at the History Centre and support the stars of the future through our outreach and activity programmes. We would be so grateful for your help, through a gift in your will.

We recommend that you seek independent legal advice when creating your will to ensure that it is legally valid and accurately reflects your wishes.

If you wish to give a gift for a specific area of our work or to leave an object or artefact for our collection then please contact us in advance to ensure that we’ll be able to carry out your wishes.

Get in touch

All enquiries are welcome and treated in strictest confidence so please get in touch for a no obligation chat with our team.

If you have already planned to leave us a gift in your will then please let us know so we can make sure that we thank you properly.