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Handling and cleaning objects is all part of the process when making a museum. We recently worked with our dedicated team of volunteers to clean many of the objects that will feature in Showtown’s galleries.

What is involved in the cleaning process?

You would be surprised how complex cleaning can be. Some objects need very special care and attention to remove dust, build-up of rust, grease and general cleaning.

Our volunteers use many different methods to restore these objects including museum grade cleaning techniques such as soft brushing, smoke sponging and water treatment if required.

The objects also vary in the level of conservation cleaning. Each object was accessed to determine the level of treatment required.

Did the volunteers need any special training to handle the objects?

The volunteers were trained in object handling and museum grade cleaning methods. This was to ensure that they were able to handle, assess and clean the objects with supervision from our Heritage Assistance.

Take a look at some of the objects that have been cleaned and are now ready to be installed in the museum.