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This month we’ve had start-up meetings with our exhibition contractors. There are four main contractors that are working on the exhibition fit out with us – Beck Interiors, Sysco Productions, Squint/Opera and Aivaf Ltd.

This is exciting news for Showtown! With permissions now in place for work to commence, these contractors will begin developing work off-site until the late summer. Work will then commence on-site in the Autumn as the exhibition starts to take shape. Beck Interiors will be responsible for all the exhibition fit out set works, display cases, bespoke lighting and graphics - with special artworks created by artist/illustrator Alex Williamson. Sysco Productions and Squint/Opera will develop AV hardware, AV content creation and software whilst Aivaf Ltd will specialise in the interactives. The expertise from each of these contractors will help to create the magic of Showtown.

We cannot wait to get going on this next stage and welcome all of our contractors on board; working towards making Showtown become a reality in 2023.