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The Garfield Weston Foundation gives £150,000

Visualisation of person walking past Showtown branding, with the words Bring me Sunshine.

Showtown is a huge project for Blackpool. We have a fundraising target to reach before our doors open. We are thrilled to receive £150,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Philippa Charles, Director of the Garfield Weston Foundation, said: “Blackpool remains one of the UK’s most popular seaside towns, which attracts visitors from all over the country each year. Showtown is a really exciting project to be involved with, and we’re delighted to contribute to the completion of the museum and help the team achieve their goals.”

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Chairman of the Blackpool Museum Trust, said: “This funding will help us to deliver on our promise of a fun and interactive museum that celebrates the rich history of Blackpool. We are extremely grateful to the Garfield Weston Foundation for their generous donation which will help kick start our progress over the next year.”