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Talentless Millennial Poet (To the detriment of the craft)

Anthony Briscoe (BA HONS Contemporary theatre, Lancaster) has spent years honing his craft.

One message online from a complete stranger made him realise its all been for nothing as a stranger who he has never met and has never seen him perform decided he has no talent.

It hasn’t affected him tough....

Anthony Briscoe A.K.A The Bard Of Blackpool (not a title he gave himself) is a performance poet and socially engaged artist from Blackpool,.

His Poetry ranges from Socio-political commentary, advertisements and even clown funerals. Anthony likes to mix the serious and the silly to discuss meaningful issues through an absurdist lens, using his background in theatrics to add an energetic, engaging and entertaining performance to all his material.

Join him at the Old Electric for his show: Talentless Millennial Poet (To the detriment of the craft)

Recommended Audience: 16+

This is a joint event with Helena Ascough: 'Poems for The Romantics from the Anti-Romantic'.

Event times

Saturday 8 July 2023, 2pm - 3pm


£5 per ticket.

The Old Electric

23 Springfield Road