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Meet David Noble.

David is the site manager from Conlon Construction working on the base build for Showtown. He has worked in construction for over 20 years on a range of projects including conservation, refurbishment and new builds.

We asked David a few questions about working with Showtown and how unique this project is compared to other contracts he has worked on.

Q1. What are you enjoying most about working on the base build for Showtown?

We are working with a delightful client who has been involved in the project for nearly 7 years and it is great to be involved in finally delivering the project. Seeing progress on site is very satisfying and everyone involved has had a positive attitude towards the project, making it an enjoyable process.

Q2. It’s not every day you’ll have to work on site around a giant elephant prop called Belle. How unique is Showtown compared to other contracts you have worked on?

It’s certainly flamboyant. The colours and design are unique and I have no doubt that when put together they will look fantastic. It is a project that is under close public scrutiny and will no-doubt deliver above everyone's expectations. It is certainly one for the portfolio!

Q3. If you had to describe Showtown in 3 words, what would it be?

Teamwork, Positivity, Memories

Q4. What is your favourite thing about Blackpool?

Blackpool is unique, there is nowhere else on earth that comes even close. Blackpool caters for everyone who visits, both young and old, and will always provide great memories.