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Meet House of Wingz

House of Wingz are Get Dancing’s creative leads. They are a Blackpool-based 'hothouse' for hip hop happenings. Using knowledge and education in hip hop culture, the dance company make work that is inspiring and accessible for young people and adults alike. Their vision is to create a legacy or 'scene' for dance artists and musicians in Blackpool, who will contribute to a growing cultural landscape in the town.

They also deliver a wide range of community projects, regular training sessions and run a music and visual arts collective.

We asked Aish and Sam a few questions about their time working on the Get Dancing project and their favourite things about Blackpool!

What are you enjoying most about working on the Get Dancing project?

Definitely seeing how people respond to 'The Blackpool Way'. The music and dance are so upbeat. It just makes people feel really great, and we can see that all over their faces. It's a mood lifter for sure, and we are really lucky to get to be the ones sharing it with so many people. It makes our job a lot of fun.

Who was involved in the choreography of Blackpool’s new dance craze – The Blackpool Way?

We had a creative team of 6 dancers. Along with ourselves, there was local dancer Ryan Fenton, who is a member of the House of Wingz team. Nicky Figgins who is a local professional dancer and has her own dance school 'Centre Stage Academy‘. Our associate artist Natasha Gooden and also Sue Vincent, who has a company called Dance Talent studio based in Leyland.

How did you decide what dance moves to include?

We watched all of the public submissions and any moves that we were excited about, we noted down. By the end, we had a really long list. We spent a few days in the studio listening to the music and experimenting with shapes and movement. We wanted the dance to tell a story, inspired by the submissions. That is why you see moves like 'Spot the Seagull', 'The Seaside Strut' and 'The Windy Walk'.

What is your favourite thing about Blackpool?

Blackpool is really special to us and we love calling it home. It's unique! There is a really vibrant energy - an 'anything is possible' kind of place, that makes it an exciting place to live and work. The sunsets are also incredible!.