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Meet Nick Steel.

Nick is a Blackpool based creative practitioner who has worked professionally in a variety of digital design roles and numerous community arts projects that often allow him to put his fine art education into practice.

Nick is currently working with Showtown and partners to create all the brand design and marketing graphics for the Get Dancing project. We asked Nick a few questions about his time working on the Get Dancing project and his favourite things about Blackpool!

Q1. What have you enjoyed most about working on the Get Dancing project?

I really loved seeing the videos roll in from around the world as people submitted their choreography ideas for our new social dance. The response was fantastic and really made the hard work of the whole team feel worthwhile.

Q2. How much research was involved in the design process when creating the brand design and graphics for Get Dancing?

The project allowed me plenty of time to take a good look at our town and revisit social dances of the past - many are featured as silhouettes in our project branding. Even as a Blackpool born creative I found there was lots to learn about our cultural history. This research helped create a synergy between the branding of our projects partners whilst also giving a hat tip to Blackpool’s show town past.

Q3. If you had to describe Showtown in 3 words, what would it be?

Exciting, Colourful, Enriching

Q4. What is your favourite thing about Blackpool?

The visitors! Blackpool is a different town from week to week. One day we play host to Ballroom dancers from around the world and the next the punks come to town. It’s never dull.